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Three steps to get started


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This will help you understand what publishing solution is right for you. You'll get a detailed explanation of the process. You'll be confident to make the right decision.


join a small cohort of dedicated experts

You'll join the right cohort for you. You'll meet your strategic coach and peers in the cohort. Together you'll outline, write, publish and launch your books.

Your business book has the potential to grow your business, and generate leads and opportunities. But right now it's too complicated to decide how to get it done and you're probably doubting your own ability. It's time to get your book written and working for you...

Want to know more before you take the First step?

(No BS - I promise!)

This might look like a normal, boring sales page that you've seen from hundreds of other book publishing coaches. In fact it started out that way (but I got bored of myself).

So, let me make you a promise - this is the no BS version.

I am going to help you decide yourself, not try to persuade you or trick you. You are too smart for all that BS! And you've heard it all before.

Below you'll find out more about Cohort Publishing, the best way to guarantee you get your book written, published and working for you. If you're ready to find out more, just take the first step, a quick diagnostic - or read on below.

Debs Jenkins -
The Consultant's Book Consultant

Join us today!

You might have tried writing a(nother) book and got stuck

We know the road to writing a book is often paved with setbacks, but remember, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey - said everyone who never finished writing a book.

Yes, you'll learn a lot on the way - about yourself, your ideas, writing, publishing, your peers - but you'll also get your book written, published and read.

With our program, you're never alone. We're here to guide you, providing a safety net for those moments of doubt and fear when you think about giving up. We've all had them, and it's completely normal.

You can see my own journey to finally getting a book written in this diagram. That was way back in 2002/2003 when I wrote my first book, The Gorillas Want Bananas. That book changed my trajectory, stopped me from going bonkers, and helped me grow a new business and speaking career.

Going through the Cohort Publishing program was challenging, I'm not going to lie. But Debs' no BS approach, support from my peers, and the teams' attention to detail made it worth it. My book, Committed Action, got to the number one slot on Amazon at launch, and has been helping me win business ever since.

Andy Bass, PhD

Leadership Advisor and Speaker, Author of "Committed Action" & "Start With What Works"

We make it easier for you, so you can make business from your book from the first day we start working together

We make it simple to start using your book ideas straight away to grow your business. There are four main stages we'll take you through. We insist you spend plenty of time thinking, instead of diving straight in. That's how we can be so sure you'll write a book that gets read and referred. Because nobody wants a sloppy shelf-sitter!

We're not just about writing. We're about building a community that stands together, ready to challenge the status quo and throw rocks at the outdated practices of the publishing industry.

We think it's only fair that you gain from your hard work, create an asset you have full control over and grow your business!

Remember, it's not going to be easy, but we will keep it simple!

Who should join us?

No idiots, whiners or meanies

Seriously, if you are a smart business owner, a consultant with insights to share, an expert in your field, or a thought leader eager to influence the future, we're looking for you. If you have a story to tell, wisdom to share, or a new perspective that the world needs to hear, we're looking for you. If this is your first book, or if the idea of writing one has always seemed like a mountain too high to climb, we're looking for you. If this is your tenth book and you're finally ready to use a book to grow your business, we're looking for you.

Join us, and let's write the future, one impactful book at a time.
Because together, we're not just writing books – we're growing businesses.

And if you're just writing a book because someone told you to and you think it's a magic bullet, then we're not looking for you, but I know a lot of people willing to take your money!

Peer feedback

We don't let just anyone join us. Your book will be better because of insightful feedback from your hand-selected peers. Their books will be better because of your smart input.

Not just more information

You don't need more information, you want guided action and results. You'll get expert advice and coaching, short actionable videos, checklists and cheat sheets. No whining that you need to do the work.

Guaranteed publishing

You will be vetted before we accept you, and if you follow the program your book will be published within 12 months of starting. But know that we all finish together, it's not a competition.

You've got options

But it's probably not clear - mystery keeps the cost to play high!

Here’s what Smart people are saying about Us

Don't believe me, I'm biased!

Debs listens well, is kind, generous and extremely witty. She helped me plan the structure of the book, checked my writing, and held me accountable for meeting the timescales I'd set. She also advised on my product ecosystem, and introduced me to suppliers. If you want to write a book or have been struggling to finish one Debs is the person I'd seek out.

Jane Frankland

Award-Winning Tech & Cybersecurity Leader

Debbie's step-by-step process is so inspiring and so clear. Great focus on serving the reader. She's giving you a tested and proven approach. Every writer should take this to heart.

Derek Sivers

Founder of CD Baby, circus performer, author of 5 bestselling books

That's how I put my makeup on too

Debs knew when to push, prod, and inject structure, and when to back off and give me space. She also provided valuable feedback throughout the process. Debs' support kept me balanced and gave me confidence. It was just great to be able to bounce ideas and concerns off her as I pulled the many pieces together.

Ann Latham


Debs works magic. Without being a domain expert, she is a leader in design thinking for any author. She asks the right questions, she sees through you and brings it all together. I enjoyed working with her, even though remotely, as much as I have enjoyed effective coaching. I got my book title/subtitle/ and Table of contents, done in a very short time. More importantly, the process has made my writing (non-fiction) very focused. She loves words, ideas, and the magic world of books. It is contagious. Highly recommended.

Efi Pylarinou

Global Influencer - Fintech & Disruptive Tech

It was fantastic being in Debs’ first book-writing cohort and enjoying everyone’s support. Some of us got on zoom together early morning for accountability and our own nerdy sort of companionship. Particular connections in the group are invaluable too, as of course was Debs’ lively and kindly leadership. She has so much knowledge of all the techie stuff and what works for creating a good business book. She took us through every step towards publishing, with deadlines to keep us on our toes. It was hard work, but a lot easier than it had been trying to get it done before joining the group - and I am so pleased with my book.

Judy Barber ‧ Author of the Slow Coach Approach - How good-hearted business leaders can create positive change - surprisingly quickly! Cohort 1

Just an ordinary rainy summer Tuesday in the UK. Zoom call in the diary. Zero expectations. But then Debs Jenkins happened. In 45 minutes (which was 15 minutes longer than the time she booked...because that's how she rolls) I had more laughs and got more value than I have in some conversations that have lasted weeks. Debs absolutely ticks every box of the warmth + competence = charisma equation. If you have any idea that you think could be turned into a book then get on a call to her now. I'm a fan.

David Pullan ‧ Breathing life into bold ideas - Lead Alchemist @ The Story Spotters - Cohort 4

To say Debs Jenkins rescued me from the writer’s ‘dark night of the soul’ is an understatement. Two-thirds of the way through writing an innovative self-help book, I realised I was writing the wrong book and didn’t know what to do. By chance but, of course, it never is, I saw a post for one of her masterclasses and signed up. What a revelation…

Innovative, down-to-earth, humorous and very REAL, she facilitates the writer in you to fully express your uniqueness in a safe, accepting and enjoyable environment. From the word go, she teaches you how to craft your book as a business asset too.

Sharon Eden ‧ The Midlife Women's Psychotherapist - Cohort 4

What we do together

Over a 10-12 month period we'll get to know each other really well.

(that's just a friendly warning!)

Cohort Publishing

With Debbie Jenkins

Stage 1: A big dose of Thinking (we insist on this)

We take you through the thinking and testing process, share mental models (like the Directions, Map, Landmark Compass), and get your working outline tested before you commit to a full writing outline.

Stage 2: Put your Bum in the seat and Write (your job)

You'll never get writer's block because you'll have a full writing outline in front of you. We have scientifically proven (by me) methods for getting the writing done while you still get on with your day job and cat herding. You'll learn how to self-edit and take beta reader feedback into account.

Stage 3: Get the professionals in (phew!)

Once your manuscript is peer and beta tested we get our expert editors to go through with their amazing attention to detail. Then it's off to the production team for images, cover and interior design. You'll get plenty of input and some cool images to use in your marketing.

Stage 4: Let the rest of the world know (they've been waiting)

All through the process we will have been growing a launch team, your Book Lovers Team, who will be ready and waiting to help you launch your book to bestselling status. 

Meet Debs Jenkins

The only book coach who tells people not to write a book!

I've been in the publishing industry for the last 20+ years. I started, grew and sold a publishing company. I've ghostwritten and rescued books. I've also written 16 of my own books.  I've helped 143 authors get more than 180 books written and published. Now, I'm breaking the rules again - let's write valuable books, together, where everyone wins. OK by you?

I've been described as a force of nature (and other things). I promise the cohort program and our coaches will help you break through any barriers, we're dedicated to getting your book published and working for you. Oh, and there will be no bullshit!

You can follow me or connect on: 

Turn your publishing dreams into reality (not a nightmare!)

143 smart authors have trusted
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